Our One of a kind Gluten, Grain, Dairy free and Paleo friendly Montreal Bagels:

When we set out to make a healthier bagel, everyone said it couldn't be done. Challenge accepted!

We decided to pursue the Montreal Style Bagel. Our bagels start with our unique mix of Almond and Coconut flours and amber honey. Our dough is one of a kind and gets boiled in honey before being baked like a proper bagel. Our bagels have the signature chewiness and slight sweet/tangy flavor of the Montreal Bagel. Get your schmear ready! 

Unlike the other bagels on the market, ours are made in small batches and hand rolled, boiled, and baked fresh every morning.

Our Sandwich bread is not just Gluten, grain and dairy free. It's, also, high on fiber and low on carbs and packs an amazing flavor and texture. Unlike the commercially available breads, our loaves are hand crafted in small batches in San Mateo, CA.

We grew up with baguettes. The, commercial, gluten free offerings are a disappointment; not to mention, none of them would be considered low-carb. And so, our baguette was born...

And last but not least, our pizza crust. Because, eating healthy doesn't mean eating boring. Our crust is versatile. It's gluten, grain, and dairy free. Paleo friendly. Best part, it's low carb. Low carb crusts are known to crumble, not ours...